Scorpion has always been a pose that stirs up terrible fear for me. Let's be honest being inverted in a back bend is not something we are born being able to do, it's a pose that takes time and effort in confronting something deep inside. Fear is a type of poison that can invade your whole body. Scorpions are poisonous by nature....so really attempting to do this pose is a bit like tasting poison?

I find it interesting that the pose to get into Scorpion is Pincha Mayurasana (Peacock). Peacocks are able to eat poisonous snakes, and they (whoever they are) say that by eating the poison, the feathers of a peacock become more bright and more beautiful. 

By putting yourself in fearful poses like Scorpion or Pincha Mayurasana you are tasting the poison (fear) but knowing you will be okay...and more likely grow stronger and vibrant because of it.