Tell me your story

I am currently re reading my grandmother's diary from 1950. I never met her, in fact she passed away in child birth while my mother was an infant. I have seen a few pictures of her and can feel a connection every time I look into her eyes and see not only my mother's eyes, but mine as well. We each hold a treasure trove of stories locked inside of our bodies, when we can move and sweat, go deeper into those layers of muscle, pain and history we can unlock potent information that we have potentially been holding onto for our lives, even perhaps lives that came before us. I read her words and hear myself in them and know that even though we have never met, when I connect with my self at the very core, the very seed, I am connecting with all of her stories as well. Take a moment to write down something that happened in your life today, in handwriting, because maybe someone will be forever grateful for it 75 years later.