Not everyone has maps...

"Truth is an experience, not a belief. Truth never comes by studying about
it; truth has to be encountered, truth has to be faced. The person who
studies about love is like the person who studies about the Himalayas by
looking at the map of the mountains. The map is not the mountain! And if you
start believing in the map, you will go on missing the mountain. If you
become too much obsessed with the map, the mountain may be there dust in
front of you, but still you will not be able to see it. And that's how it
is. The mountain is in front of you, but your eyes are full of maps-maps of
the mountain, maps about the same mountain, made by different explorers.
Somebody has climbed the mountain from the north side, somebody from the
east. They have made different maps: Koran, Bible, Gita different maps of
the same truth. But you are too full of the maps, too burdened by their
weight; you cannot move even an inch. You cannot see the mountain just
standing in front of you, virgin snow peaks shining like gold in the morning
sun." - OSHO