The Isoprinciple

The question that I get asked the most - hands down is "where do you find all of your music?" Music is a major part of my yoga practice and teaching. I spend hours digging through song after song after remix after remix looking for the right song to take the asana to that deeper place inside. 

 I recently came across the term Isopriciple which is defined as a patient's musical mood that can be matched to assist him or her in becoming aware of thoughts and recapture memories. 

A yoga practice can sometimes feel like you are riding on a tiny boat in a big sea with your eyes closed. You never know which wave of emotion is going to come next or which memory is going to be triggered by a movement. Music can be a tool that guides the boat either deeper into the waves or away.

Here is a remix of a song by Imogen Heap that I love, but it's done in a way that is unfamiliar. It has a bit of memory attached to it (isoprinciple) but it is a deeper and darker version of the song that really appeals for those times that you want to get lost in the depth of movement:

(and the answer to the question - I get most of my music off of sound cloud where you can find awesome remixes such as this one)