The Qualities of Nature Pendulum

Sometimes it can feel as though we are strapped to a pendulum in life swinging from one extreme to the next, whether it be an emotional, physical, or spiritual swing...there can feel like there is no middle ground or balance.

In Yoga Philosphy these two extremes are part of the three Gunas (qualities of nature): On one end there is Rajas where things are happening, firey, intense, heated, spicy, anxious… on the other end is Tamas where things are slow, stagnant, heavy, lethargic, weighted down. The place in the middle where the pendulum swings past is the equilibrium called Sattva, balance.

I find with myself the tendancy to find balance is not easy.

I love coffee, my biggest vice to date. I have periods where I will try to stop or slow down my consumption but that will catapult me to the other side of drinking too much because the more I try to stop the more I want it.  Or I will get on a kick of cleaning the house and become obsessed with any spec of dirt...then burn out and just let things get out of control...swinging from one extreme to the next.

The gunas are a great way to acknowledge where you are at. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to be attached to what we are, or change it...or one is bad or better. They are away of moving through the experiences of life as we do qualities of nature. We can practice this in yoga class with how we are feeling. You may say to yourself something along these lines:

"Today I am feeling  tamasic, I am going to have a quite practice and skip all the vinyasas"


"I am bursting with energy and can't help but do handstands in every vinyasa!"