Winding Down

As time gets closer to Baby Starr's arrival, I am winding my classes down. It is harder to let go of classes I have put my heart and soul into than I thought it would be! ! I am filled with so much love, gratitude, excitement, and also sadness as I let the strings start to loosen.

Here is my wind down schedule for Laughing Lotus Yoga SF

Last Sunday 10 am Lotus 2/3 - August 23
Last Friday 10:15am Lotus 2 - August 28
Last Thursday 5:30pm Happy Hour - September 3

 And for Purusha Yoga School

Last Saturday 11:30am class - August 22
Last Friday 5:45pm class - September 4
Last Tuesday 9:30am class - September 8
LAST CLASS Thursday 9:30 am class - September 10