A small fish in a big pond

Someone asked me last week what good ways of reducing plastic are. I have been mulling over this and after Everett and I did a little beach clean up as we walked this morning the answers were so clear. Looking at all the trash that we picked up today I would say about 85% of what was in our trash bag today was related to packaging of processed foods...from chip bags, nutrition bar wrappers, to sauce packets from fast food, and the winner...plastic caps from water bottles, milk cartons, soft drinks etc....

Eat less processed foods! It's way more healthier for your body, but also the environment! I know I'm preaching to the choir for the majority of my friends on FB, but maybe this is a good way of spreading it even more to the masses. Here are some ways that I am inspired to reduce my plastic consumption. I am sure it will grow, and I would love to hear your ideas...here's my list:

1. Buy food from farmers markets - no packaging is needed, if you need a bag to put it in, use a reusable produce bag
2. Buy food from bulk bins and reuse the bags that you put them in, place the items in glass jars after getting home because it preserves it better anyhow
3. Don't drink water from plastic bottles, invest in a hydroflask, kleen kanteen or re use a glass bottle from other drinks that are purchased
4. Eat foods that don't come in packaging (unless it's citrus, bananas, avocado, eggs that has his own wrapping)
5. Use biodegradable bags instead of plastic when ever possible, re use biodegradable bags for your compost
6. If you must use plastic make sure it's recyclable
Thank you for reading, thank you for caring. I hope we all can motivate each other to keep making a difference.