Something that I have been really trying to get more of in life is space. Space between my thoughts, personal space, physical space, space in the form of time.... when life starts to get crowded it can be very easy to focus on the areas that we feel we are lacking in. Space is a big one for many of us. 

The thing is... Space is always there. we just have to access it. When we are practicing on our mats in a room that is very crowded it is pretty incredible how much we are able to move through with the limited amount of space we have on our mats. That's the thing! We don't need much space to create space. Breath and movement are one of the quickest and most sustainable ways of feeling spaciousness not only in our bodies but also in our minds. 

I have been doing a meditation that includes inhaling and imagining the breath going down, sliding down my spine all the way to the lower ribs. As the exhale begins to emerge the breath turns and starts going up past my belly, over my heart and eventually out of my nose as a way of clearing out any area that feels crowded, covered in cobwebs, or stuck.

When we can bring that awareness internally of the vast universe inside it can begin to trickle out, giving a sense of spaciousness in other parts of life. For instance, instead using the 5 - 30 minutes of me time i get when my son goes down for a nap to breathe and mediate or practice asana rather then doing a long list things in a rush has been rewarding beyond measure. I feel more clarity for what needs to be done, more present, and more capable of completing my tasks at hand. 

We measure space by the closeness we are to another object so ultimately we have a choice, to focus on the things around us that are stuffing us in, or focus on the pockets of air around them. It's a practice, just like everything else.