"Difficulties are always there. They are part of life· And it is good that they are there, otherwise there would be no growth. Difficulties are challenges. They provoke you to work, to think, to find ways to overcome them. The very effort is essential. So always take difficulties as blessings. Without difficulties, we would be nowhere. Bigger difficulties come--that means that existence is looking after you, it is giving you more challenges. And the more you solve them, the greater challenges will be waiting for you. Only at the last moment, difficulties disappear, but that last moment comes only because of difficulties. So never take any difficulty negatively. Find something positive in it. The same rock blocking the path can function as a stepping stone. If there were no rock on the path, you would never rise up. And the very process of going above it, making it a stepping stone, gives you a new altitude of being. So once you think about life creatively, then everything is useful and everything has something to give you. Nothing is meaningless"